SAGE Fest 2023

Sweet Auburn Green & Equitable (SAGE) hosted a festival in April that was a collaboration between organizations, vendors and residents dedicated to promoting an equitable and sustainable future in the historic African American neighborhood of Sweet Auburn.

SAGE Fest featured multiple local vendors, chefs, musicians and a variety of educating wellness activities. Over 75-100 patrons came to participate in the community event. Patrons laughed, danced, received insight on the value of eating organic and participated in a variety of wellness activities to promote health and sustainability. In addition, patrons reviewed SAGE’s priorities and provided feedback.

Patrons were offered the opportunity to participate in a guided walking-tour of the Sweet Auburn district to learn more about the neighborhood’s culture, famous historical sites and its historical importance in African American history.

Vendors and Participants

  • Gingerlicious

  • Esco Eats

  • Root Local

  •  Tracy Stuckkrath- Making Fresh Fun

  • Haylene the Garden Queen

  • Umi Feeds

  • 2 Goats + 2 Acres

  • Cultured South Fermentation Co.

  • Two Dough Girls

  • Georgia Works

  • Neighbor to Neighbor

  • Urban Farm

  • Mercy Care

  • Partnership for Southern Equity

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